Below you can read actual customer testimonials submitted by owners of Pantheon Dobermans. some of these folks own multiple dogs and have been customers for many years.


My family decided to search for our next family member and it would be our first Doberman. We only had experience with smaller dogs. After much research on reputable Doberman Breeders, I contacted Debra Green (Pantheon Dobermans). On February 14 2015, we visited with Debra to see her puppies and we picked out our boy. Debra more than answered all of my questions, and she educated me on the breed. I choose her for the quality bloodline she has established through her 30 years of breeding Dobermans. I knew I wanted him to be loving, have a good temperament and well behaved. After all, he had two small brothers waiting on him, a mini-dachshund and a shih-tzu.
test(8 weeks old)
Then was the hardest part, waiting until he was ready to come home. Debra had told me how to prepare for when we would bring him home. We were so excited about our new family member. Debra told me to call her anytime if I thought of more questions.
We brought him home on 3/21/15. On that day, Debra taught me how to tape his ears, trim his nails, and showed me how to continue with the training she had already done with him. She gave me specific instructions on every aspect including feedings and his healthcare. Debra is extremely detailed with her instructions and leaves for no questions for guessing. I can tell that she genuinely cares for her dogs before, during and after they are placed with their new families. She also has a wealth of knowledge on Dobermans and her experience shows. I call Debra anytime I have questions as she is always available and more than willing to help. Part of the training the puppy receives is how to ride in a car. He was perfect on his ride home which lasted for 90 minutes.

We named him Apache and he is the best dog we have ever had. We love all of our dogs, but he is so very special.

We are fortunate enough to live close enough to visit Debra and she has provided me with additional instruction in person. Like I mentioned previously, I have had many dogs and I have never experienced such hands on involvement that Debra provides. She is truly the best breeder I have ever met. I am looking forward to getting our next Doberman from Debra, a female to make the perfect pair.
Apache is an intelligent, well behaved and the best tempered dog I have ever had. He is great with kids of all ages. I would highly recommend Debra Green (Pantheon Dobermans) to anyone that is looking to get a Doberman. She is by far the very best.

Jack and Bridget Sparkman
Greenville, SC

Debra and her experience are invaluable when choosing a new member of the family. She will work with anyone in order for them to experience having their first Doberman. I highly recommend anyone who’s never owned one before to go through her!

Hernan Rodriguez-Zambrana
Thursday, March 24, 2016
I writing to explain my experiences with Pantheon Dobermans and Debra Green. We recently took home our very first doberman puppy we call him Viper. We picked him up less then two weeks ago, in early July 2012. We were very surprised to see how involved Debra is in the delivery process and how much she has done to hand raise these puppies and to make sure they have all the shots, have been wormed and are started out properly. I have bought several puppies of different breeds in the past and I have NEVER seen this amount of professionalism, love for the breed, and after the sale assistance. Debra’s dogs are TOP NOTCH, everyone who sees Viper says they have never seen a doberman like that before. He is clearly very well bred and very well socialized.


HE is EXCELLENT with our kids and makes it his duty to lick them all over every time he sees them. I’m struck by how social and loving he is. Having had other breeds that do their own thing and have little interest in playing with me or my family the doberman is totally different. These are people dogs and they love hanging out with you.

Debra is going to meet with us to show us how to properly maintain the dogs nails and how to post his ears. Again, she has a strong dedication to her customers that is very rare. Financially she has little to gain by spending hours with us after the sale. She makes sure the dog is a fit to your home and family and that all health related items are done properly and that the new owner is educated and not left high and dry like so many other breeders do.

I highly recommend Pantheon Dobes and Debra Green! I am happy to speak with any prospective owners to help answer questions.

Keith Snow
Asheville , NC
Four years ago Damean came into my life as a beautiful, vivacious, and loving puppy, and four years later, he is still that. Debra Green, and pantheon dobermans, has been amazing throughout the whole process of a finding the pefect family addition. Her knowledge and dedication to maintaining an amazing line of dobermans’s is second to none. I was so impressed with the whole process. From day one, the care and attention to detail has given me no reason to doubt that I chose the best breeder. Debra knows her dogs inside and out and not only makes sure that you get a dog that suites you, but also is equally concerned that you suite her dogs. You don’t just pick up a dog and leave, you receive guarantees, information packets, and an invitation to call with any questions, concerns, or just a friendly update. Your puppy comes to you with some of the basic training already started and a stuffed animal to help with the separation anxiety. I remember all this like it was yesterday because of the impact it had on me. My Damean is healthy, happy, and has definitely lived up to my expectations. The only “flaws” in training that Damean has had along the way have been because of me and my inconsistency. He is protective, yet playful, self-entertained, yet affectionate, active, yet content to just hang out, loyal, yet willing to accept new relationships. I have recommended Debra Green to everyone because I get so many compliments on my dog and also because I know she will give the same service to anyone. Debra is upfront, straightforward, and I loved that about her from day one. I have many years left with Damean, but when it comes to getting another dog, I will most definitely “Go Green!”


My family has been owners of Dobermans for over 30 years. We love and appreciate
the breed for what they are…… a dog that is elegant in appearance, proud, watchful,
determined, and loyal and a strong desire to please it owner. To us they are much more
than pets, they have been/are an integral part of our family.

As a military retiree we have been stationed overseas several times, at one point for over
ten years straight (Bahrain and Japan). Our Dobies traveled with us just as any other
member of our family – and they did just great with the long travel involved.

Our return to the U.S. coincided with a time when we were looking for a quality breeder
from which to select a new 4-legged member to our family. Our search was exhaustive,
but in the end we settled on Deb Green, owner/breeder of Pantheon Dobermans.

We arranged a time/date when we could make the trip to her location. From the very first
moment that we met Deb (and her Dobermans) we were convinced that we had made the
right choice in selecting Deb Green as the breeder from whom we would select our new
Doberman puppy. In fact over the past several years we have had the pleasure of having
3 of Deb’s Dobermans join our family – my oldest Son has two beautiful Dobermans
from Deb as well.

What we saw/learned first-hand when we met Deb was much more than a breeder who
has been in the business of breeding, training and showing European Working and
Champion American bloodlines for over three decades. We came to know Deb Green
as an individual who is not only knowledgeable about every aspect of the breed, but one
who is passionate about what she does. Her dogs and the blood lines she has worked
so tirelessly to perfect (both in terms of appearance and health) are a testament to her
passion and attention to every detail when it comes to caring for her animals. Without
exception they all are of absolutely perfect temperament.

I could go on for pages in speaking about Deb Green and Pantheon Dobermans.
However, my conclusion would be the same. If you’re looking for a quality Doberman
(to show or as a pet) you need look no further than Deb Green and Pantheon Dobermans.
You will not be disappointed with the dog and certainly not with the breeder. They are
both that good.

Fred Crecelius
Norfolk, VA.

Two years ago my family decided to purchase a Doberman. I was hesitant to purchase one since it is difficult to find a reputable breeder. I started researching on the Internet and came across pantheondobes.com. I filled out the questionnaire and within a few days Debra Green responded. She emailed me the history of her breeding and said to respond if I was interested. When I called Debra, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She explained how she raises her puppies before they are sold to their new owners.

We kept in touch with Debra and one year later (2014), we purchased Ace, our female Doberman. Ace is exactly how Debra described she would be. Ace was 90% housebroken; crate trained, doesn’t get car sick and knows basic commands. Ace is beautiful and has an excellent temperament. My two daughters ages 12 and 13 are very fond of her.

When we picked up Ace, Debra showed us how to re-post her ears, dremel her nails and bathe her. Debra gave us tips and advice on how to train Ace. As we left, she encouraged us to stay in touch and never hesitate to call with questions.

After the first week, we had questions about Ace. After the second week, we still had questions and even today we still do. Every time I call Debra, she always has time to help and give us advice. One evening I was in a panic about Ace’s ears and Debra returned my call immediately.
Debra is incredible. If I ever decide to purchase another Doberman, it will definitely be from her. We are always getting compliments about how beautiful and great Ace’s temperament is.

Please feel free to contact me regarding Debra and Pantheon Dobermans. Debra is “top notch” in my book.

J. Hasund
Cary, NC



We would like to take a moment and let Deb Green know how much we appreciate her and her dedication in doing what she loves. In January 2014 we added a new puppy to our family Mojo. He is the second puppy we have received from Deb Green – Pantheon Dobermans. Years ago our first puppy Zeus became a very important addition to our family. After he was gone there was no question what to do about another puppy. Having a new puppy so many years ago we have forgotten a lot. Before Mojo came home Deb sat down with us and answered all the questions we had at the time and has always been available for follow up.

When we received Mojo ( a very handsome fellow we might add) his shots were up to date, his ears and tail done, and he was ninety percent house trained. Deb even sent him home with a toy that smelled like his litter mates to help with the separation . This ended up being very beneficial.

Deb explained his feeding schedule and the type of food to use for his diet. Deb reminded us as a puppy Mojo would have to go outside every thirty minutes while he was up playing to help avoid any accidents. She was right on the money. For the first several weeks we were vigilant about his feeding schedule and his going outside, because of this Mojo now goes to the door when he needs to go out and even uses the same place in the yard when he goes. It was hard at first and time consuming to be on such a rigid schedule especially late at night and bad weather but it paid off with only two accidents (those being our fault because we didn’t notice he wanted out). Mojo now knows when it is meal time and even sits by his food bowl patiently waiting for his food.

Deb also reminded us Mojo might cry the first few nights when he came home and that he did not like the kennel. We played with Mojo at night until he was tired and then would kennel him. He cried himself to sleep the first few nights but each time it only last for less than ten minutes. We made sure he had his blanket and his toy and would not take him out of the kennel when he cried. This was hard for us because we did not want him to cry but knew if we took him back out he would never want to be in the kennel. Finally when he was tired he would go to the kennel on his own. Now that he is older he has his own bed and we don’t worry about him wandering in the house at night.

Deb is very knowledgeable about the breed. The first time we took Mojo to the veterinary a question arose and we called Deb and she knew the answer immediately. The question was breed specific, this was impressive to us as well as to the vet.

Everywhere we take Mojo we hear “what a handsome well behaved gentleman”. This is a tribute to Deb and her love, care, and dedication to her puppies. Mojo is smart, playful, always wanting to please and a great addition to our family. All we can say is “Deb, thank you and we appreciate you!”

Tim and Kathy Goodridge
Asheville, NC


I began my research on Breeders long before I decided to go with Debra and Pantheon Dobes. Our family had never had a Doberman before but after more than 2 years of research on the breed, I wanted a breeder that had the best qualities of the breed in mind and the ability to not only mix show quality genes, but also had the heart to raise the litter as I would want for a future member of our family. I first heard about Debra and Pantheon Dobes from neighbors that moved in down the street. They had a Dobe that was 6 years old and impressive not only in show quality but most importantly to us, impressive in temperament and intelligence. After continuing to research many other breeders and exchanging emails and phone calls with several, I was most impressed with the passion that I could see Debra had for raising puppies to be well socialized and adapted for family living.

I was actually excited and appreciative of Debra’s interest in my family and our expectations in acquiring a Doberman puppy. Her interview of my family and I showed how much she cared for the puppies that at the time hadn’t even been breed yet. I learned so much just in our discussions and really felt I got to know Debra in the process. I was also affirmed, through her education process that started in the interview, that one of the puppies she was breeding is what we wanted. This was part of the caring process I saw in Debra to also ensure my family also matched to the breed. That gave me piece of mind months before the possible litter was to be born.

Our families collective experience started with a warm welcome to her home to see the 2 week old puppies. After literally hours of time spent with her that day, I felt I had learned more than in several books I had already read. Debra patiently and excitedly answered as she was peppered with questions by my wife, my girls and myself about what we were to expect with our new puppy. We returned again a few weeks later to see the puppies and to begin the process of matching us with our puppy. I saw Debra use what she had learned about both my family and the 6 week old puppies she was raising to put us together. Our new puppy was named and a collar with her name was placed on her neck to continue her training in Debra’s house.

On the day we picked our puppy up, we received individual training for all four of us on ears, nails, house training tips, bathing and other tidbits of advice ranging from the travel home to the nights coming up for adjustment. Our puppy made the 2 and 1/2 hour drive though the mountains without even a whimper. She went potty when we stopped and sat between my girls in the back seat all the way home with both of them arguing on who got to pet her head.
Over the next few weeks and months to come I continued to call Debra with questions and ask for advice on all kinds of things. We had normal puppy things to work out, and when Debra gave advice or told us what to expect, I was always surprised at the accuracy of her predictions and good advice she gave from more than 100 miles away. I felt like I had my personal coach right there with me whose main interest was genuine happiness for my family and certainly the puppy she had placed with us.

As I finish this letter, our Sadie is just over a year old. She is crazy about frisbees, plays hide and seek in the house, will stare at a rope bone laying at my feet for 2 minutes before picking it up and dropping it on my foot again, wakes me up in the morning by licking my hand, paces the front yard watching the street when we are inside, lays fully on her back for tummy scratches, barks and growls at the back door with the slightest sound, rides in the back seat of my truck with her head out, leans against my leg when she wants attention, plays with the 8 lb dog at a friend’s farm, watches my girl’s soccer games(she did puncture two soccer balls during one game that came her way, yeah, full disclosure), and appreciates (sleeps under) instead of eating the Christmas tree this year. My family has treated her as a child/sibling since her arrival and she is an amazing dog. She is super high energy, as you should expect with a Doberman puppy, but she is still strangely well mannered, calm, smart and obedient, when compared to any dog I have ever been around.

I have strangers stop me almost every time we go somewhere, (and she goes everywhere with me on weekends), and ask questions about her and ask to pet her. She is now a dog that looks to protect my girls and doesn’t let the pizza delivery guy get out of the car unless I am there, but also lets the children at the local family homeless shelter pull both her ears and her tail at the same time and just look at me with puppy dog eyes to get them off of her. We have spent a ton of time in socializing Sadie, but I give a lot of credit to Debra for the foundation in genes and breeding and Debra’s foundation of socialization that allowed this four legged member of our family to be so well adapted to our home.

Thank you Debra. Thank you Debra. Thank you Debra.
B Wood

One Comment:

  1. Our beautiful boy, Timber, that we purchased from “Pantheon Dobes is a vWD carrier”, is yours?

    Debra says; you get what you pay for, “$2500 for a von Willerbrand carrier”, sounds like a bargain to me.

    Our puppy is 8 months old, and Debra has yet to provide the AKC papers for him.

    Buy your Doberman from another breeder, this woman is clueless on the right thing to do! “Pantheon Dobes” avoid this one!

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